xxx1 2020_06 Snow Day I

    Some issues with the video:
  • The normal popup is replaced by an iframe for videos, causing some ugly jumps when cycling through the sequence.
  • Meta data (title and description) is dropped in iframe.
  • Normally tab on image means next. here it's play. This means that on small screens it is not possible to get to the next image after a video.

    And with animated gif:
  • Popup presentation is good.
  • Hugo doesn't support resizing animations.
  • Solution A: disable resizing for gifs completely. Easily done but it would increase media size on the overview page. For the short fire drop gif it would be 3.4M vs 10k for a regular image thumb.
  • Replace cached resizes with manually rezised gifs. I've used for this test. Better file size for thumbnail (not for detail) but more error prone.
    Oher issues with the popbox/detail view:
  • Replace download button with link. I'd like to refer to an individual image. When the user opens the link, the popbox is opened to that image. Adding the link is easy but I am not sure how to open the popbox on page load.
  • Optionally show meta info next to the photo similar to what google photo does. I know how to get the meta info but don't know how to display it without blowing the popbox.
  • Indicate overflow when description is too long to fit in the space unter the image and requires scrolling.




this is an animated gif stripped

this is an animated gif without resizing

Portrait mode with long descripion